Recently, I felt that this would be the right moment in my career to more deeply explore an idea that has been in my work for quite some time. I always wanted to have a place where I could show everyone all the kinds of photography I do. 

LOVE|SEXO (SEX in Spanish) represents what I capture through my lens. They are two parts of human nature and I find fascinating and beautiful. In this series I wanted to explore sexuality as pure energy form, beyond simply the physical act of sex.
Tattoos are a big part of who I am. I have a lot, and each has their own story. The tattoos across my fingers spell “L O V E” and “S E X O”  had been featured  in a lot of my images and I felt this was naturally meant to be the title of my first magazine, LOVE|SEXO. From my hands into yours.  
Growing up in Guatemala, I loved anything related to American and European pop culture: celebrity, music, fashion, art, architecture and travel. In fact, it was the iconic clothing ads of the 1990’s that originally inspired me to be a photographer like the classic Guess and Calvin Klein ads.
LOVE|SEXO is about creating the type of images that break the lines of gender, and sexuality. These images represent beauty across that entire spectrum. They’re meant to surprise, inspire, and shock, but ultimately celebrate the energy of sex and love that we all share.
This issue is dedicated to all the great minds that influenced me growing up and inspired me to be a photographer. So for Herb Ritts, Richard Alvedon, and Ellen von Unwerth, this is for you.
I feel so fortunate to have experienced as much as I have so far in life. I feel 2016 will be filled with many moments to capture, and of course, lots of LOVE|SEXO.